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Software Development in Argentina

Buenos Aires Unviersity - Exact Sciences Faculty

Buenos Aires Unviersity - Exact Sciences Faculty

Argentina, and particularly the City of Buenos Aires, is worldwide known for its high-quality universities and academic institutions. In the last few years, especially since the Argentine currency devaluation, more foreign students have enrolled on Argentine universities, mainly from Latin American countries who come to start or continue their university studies in Argentina. Therefore, they take advantage of the favorable exchange rate while they benefit from the high educational level.

No doubt this instructional demand has created an excellent professional base for argentina technology companies to harvest their personnel, and Proyectos Informaticos is not an exception. Our team is composed of excellent systems engineers and analysts with experiencie in software development, website development and systems support in Argentina.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in lowering your software cost by outsourcing in Argentina. Software development in Argentina is an excellent experience and opportunity, and we can be your definitive  partners for this.

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Miércoles, diciembre 16, 2009