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Website Development with WordPress: Choose a design that fits your need

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Wordpress, when first installed, comes with a very basic design, clean and concise, ideal for blogging and online publication. But you don’t wan’t the wordpress desing, as you need something more fit with your website needs. Personally, and mostly if this is your first attempt at website development in wordpress, you’d be better to choose from a place like Template Monster or something similar. In fact, this website is a modified version of a Template Monster template. This website designs are inexpensive and easy to add in your installation.

Many wordpress themes in Templamonster to choose

Many wordpress themes in Templatemonster to choose

Please consider your needs when choosing the design as adapting a design is not that simple. Consider that all the website intelignece has to be adapted to fit this design, so any change matters !. The idea is to remain as faithful as possible to the original chosen design, so to minimize changes later ! Template Monster and other wordpress template websites have thousands of options to choose from. If you think your website is going to need a contact section, verify that the design has a place for a contact section, if you are going to offer a service, choose a desgin that clearly is service oriented, not product oriented, etc. I think you get the point.

If you searched thoroughly, but did not find what you need, or have any questions, please mail me, maybe I can help you.

Now, suposing you found your design, let´s move on.

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posted by admin
Miércoles, octubre 7, 2009