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Systems Administrarion and Support

posted by admin
Viernes, septiembre 25, 2009

Systems Administration and Systems Support
Systems Adminsitration and Systems Support in our firm is mainly focused in four areas and based in the non-interruption of the commercial process.

How we work:

Our assistance service has 3 levels.
Remote Assistance Service: we use a special control software to be able to assist our costumers remotely. More than 90% of the detected incidences are solved this way.

On Site Service: People from our team visit the costumer’s office to solve the problem.

Laboratory Service: If we cannot solve the problem by any of the precedent ways, the equipment is carried from the costumer’s office (the transportation is covered by insurance) and we repair it in our company laboratory.

Information Security Administration:

Our information security services help your company to maintain a close control of the information that resides into your equipment.

We administrate and/or configure dominion / file systems networks, to give the effective control of permissions to save the information, by medium of users and passwords. We guarantee that anyone in your company personnel will be able to access everything and every place that he needs to work properly, and no more than that.

Control and administration of antivirus, antispyware systems, and any other malign applications, just to guarantee you the quality and well functioning of all your computing systems.

Besides this, we perform the configuration of you information security barriers , to avoid the intrusions from Internet that could be performed with tools as firewall, encriptación of important and delicate data, and even solutions to save non trackeable (rastreable) information.

We highly understand how important it is to maintain your data confidentiality, an we are experts in that matter, and these kind of duties.

Software and Hardware Asset Management:

Our firm gives you a detailed information about your computer’s park, mainly focusing in the mark, model an series number of your inventoried equipment. A detail of the installed software, available storage capacity, installed memory, equipment’s state and an approximated marketing value. We also include any other data that our client may ask us.

Under the client requirement, we also may achieve a detailed verification of the available software licences, our client has installed in the computers.

We present all the obtained information in reports, spreadsheets and database forms.


Our service includes the data back up, organization and restoring, to be able to perform the maintenance in servers, work stations, to liberate the disk space or to copy it in other alternative storage mediums, i.e. Tapes, CD-ROM, etc. Our aim is to guarantee the processing continuity at a reasonable cost.

Online IT Support System

posted by admin
Miércoles, septiembre 23, 2009
Online IT Support System

Figure 1

Please click on this link. Our software will request execution or download depending your web navigating software. Please choose execute, as many times as necesary, to allow the software to connect to our servers. Once the software has opened you should see a screen as shown on figure 1. Once this is done, please call our offices at +5411 4760-5630/1 to request our help.

Important: Our software will not install nor modify your computer software. It is simply designed so that when executed, a connection will be made to our monitoring services allowing us to view your desktop and aid you to solve the problems your computer may present. You must have functional internet and allow outgoing connection of the software for us to be able to perform this aid.