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Castel Telecomunicaciones

posted by admin
Martes, octubre 27, 2009
Castel Telecomunicaciones

Castel Telecomunicaciones

Database driven website for chilean company Castel Telecomunicaciones. Programming, graphic design plus desktop back end software to feed the database. Everything done in php, Mysql for Apache.

This client was, and still is, a friend. We worked to develop a tech-like very simple design for his online catalog and to promote his image in the internet. This was an exciting and very good process. He now conducts most of his international sales via de website and has entered various new markets and exported to other countries due to this technology.

My Special Book CRM

posted by admin
Lunes, octubre 5, 2009
My Special Book CRM System

My Special Book CRM System

My Special Book is a very client oriented company and wanted to increase its sales and followups. To do so, the requirement was to implement a CRM (client relationship management) system, that could easily be accessed from anywhere, the information could be imported from other systems, the software could be upgraded to fit their needs and the cost was as lower as possible.
After further analysis, we opted for a personalization of the vTiger CRM, an opensource solution widely used and with low personalization cost. The client is still requesting modifications and improvements to this software, which is now used by all it’s sales department.

Magnetic Cash POS Software

posted by admin
Viernes, octubre 2, 2009
proyect Magnetic Cash POS

proyect Magnetic Cash POS

Magnetic Cash, an entertainment hardware retailer (from slot machines to jukeboxes), approached us to develop a POS (Point of Sale) Software to integrate with it’s hardware. We developed a software solution that integrated it’s present card cash system with any other payment system and a complete POS software to broaden it’s  commercial offer. The technical challenge was to deliver a client-server application that could easily be upgraded, was fully customizable, Microsoft Windows compatible and reliable. We ended up making our own version of a portable Apache-MySQL-PHP server, and programmed the clients in Delphi.