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Software Development in Argentina

posted by admin
Miércoles, diciembre 16, 2009
Buenos Aires Unviersity - Exact Sciences Faculty

Buenos Aires Unviersity - Exact Sciences Faculty

Argentina, and particularly the City of Buenos Aires, is worldwide known for its high-quality universities and academic institutions. In the last few years, especially since the Argentine currency devaluation, more foreign students have enrolled on Argentine universities, mainly from Latin American countries who come to start or continue their university studies in Argentina. Therefore, they take advantage of the favorable exchange rate while they benefit from the high educational level.

No doubt this instructional demand has created an excellent professional base for argentina technology companies to harvest their personnel, and Proyectos Informaticos is not an exception. Our team is composed of excellent systems engineers and analysts with experiencie in software development, website development and systems support in Argentina.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in lowering your software cost by outsourcing in Argentina. Software development in Argentina is an excellent experience and opportunity, and we can be your definitive  partners for this.

Outsource your software development

posted by admin
Viernes, octubre 2, 2009

Offshore development or outsourcing is your gateway to success. Outsourcing software development has proven to be a great success for many companies worldwide. Globalization is forcing a lot of company’s to constantly improve their competitive edge. Outsourcing will reduce your internal costs while allowing your company to focus on its core competencies. In a fast moving technological world, it is unlikely that your company will be able to design a whole spectrum of technical software. So it is wise to outsource some of your functions while keeping intact your business processes.

Offshore development makes perfect sense for a strategic approach for your business. Outsourcing will help you conduct a cost effective business by decreasing your payroll. It will help your company give a more specific oriented task to your executive employees. So what are the top reasons why outsourcing makes sense?

Cost Savings: Outsourcing makes sense for cutting costs while reducing workload on the employee. Outsourced labor may cost 90% less than the same labor performed in-house in Western Europe or North America, particularly for low-level tasks. You won’t need to make any upfront investment, which makes development projects much more attractive.

Time Savings: Software development takes less time when people are working on your applications around the clock, so you can get your product to market more quickly than your competitors can.

Lack of in house experience: When the internal resources of the company are not enough to globalize the company’s business, Outsourcing software development will bring new dimensions to manage a business worldwide. Business applications will be more sound and systematic for an overall performance.

Flexibility: When you outsource, you don’t have to spend time recruiting, hiring, training, and housing employees for short-term projects.

Talented IT Professionals: You’ll have immediate access to some of the best and brightest information-technology professionals by going overseas and bypassing the gaps in hiring pools in more developed countries.

Focused Strategy: Outsourcing software development would streamline business processes. It will provide a focused strategy to have a competitive advantage in the technological race.
Improved Compliance: Outsourcing software development would create an automated compliance system that will reduce human follow-ups in business processes.

Enhanced Accuracy: Offshore development will improve work accuracy in terms of given deadlines on a project. Defined software will deliver accurate results in less turn around time.

Technological Advances: Technology is evolving in different countries of the world. Companies thriving to gain competitive advantage are better off outsourcing software development. For technological prowess.

Risk Mitigation: You can mitigate risks by choosing an outsourcing firm that has a high-quality project management system and a tried-and-true process for developing applications.
Several functions can be outsourced by a company in different departments. From management training to payroll software, outsourcing takes care of it all. Offshore development has become a giant industry with more to come. Website development & web design are increasingly outsourced by almost all companies for better maintenance and timely upgrades. Outsourcing software development is now the key to a company’s success. It is the best solution in the age of globalization and technological advances.

Offshore development makes a lot of sense in order to maximize your profits in a small amount of time. Please contact us, or find about our recent projects and software development experience.

Magnetic Cash POS Software

posted by admin
Viernes, octubre 2, 2009
proyect Magnetic Cash POS

proyect Magnetic Cash POS

Magnetic Cash, an entertainment hardware retailer (from slot machines to jukeboxes), approached us to develop a POS (Point of Sale) Software to integrate with it’s hardware. We developed a software solution that integrated it’s present card cash system with any other payment system and a complete POS software to broaden it’s  commercial offer. The technical challenge was to deliver a client-server application that could easily be upgraded, was fully customizable, Microsoft Windows compatible and reliable. We ended up making our own version of a portable Apache-MySQL-PHP server, and programmed the clients in Delphi.

posted by admin
Martes, septiembre 29, 2009

Database driven website for spanish company Only programming, no graphic design plus desktop back end software to feed the database. Everything done in aspx, .net, Sql Server and IIS.

This project was a complete challenge from the start. Very diverse information to store and retrieve. All data from Spanish media, including newspaper, radio, TV, cinema, even street ads. From every vendor, with cost scheme and detailed description of the product. The project includes a simulator to allow the subscriber plan it´s campaign and determine the approximate cost. There is also a desktop back end for the media to input their costs and program schedule directly with a program grid.

And, finllay, a very tight schedule.

Software Development

posted by admin
Viernes, septiembre 25, 2009

Software Development

Software development is no only coding, but a huge complex scheme of different disciplines. From user interface design to performance optimization, our products are meant to last.

We have developed high complexity software for multinational companies with a global network, and also have worked in small simple projects for specific needs. We are capable of facing any challenge the requested technical environment presents.

Please take a look at our proyects section. We have experience in all kind of technologies, and this provides us with the needed flexibility to perform the best modern solutions to fulfil our clients demands, operational and commercial. Don’t hesitate, there are many reasons to outsource in us, you can achieve your technology objectives.

Our teams experience is determinant for the oportuninty and cost factor. Do not loose time and money, contact us.


posted by admin
Viernes, septiembre 25, 2009

Easy website development and software development in argentinaWe consider IT to be a long term relationship of trust. Quality service is our mission and our goal. Information Technology (IT) is a strategic tool in your company’s development, and probably sometimes represents a problem more than a solution. We can transform your problems into a competitive advantage for your company. We are experts in the organization of computing system resources, systems support and software development. We`ve worked with clients in Latin America and Europe.

Ever considered outsourcing software development? We’re experimented in local and offshore software development and have all the tools you may need to reach your technology objective. Consider how your costs will be impacted, consider software development in argentina.

Systems are vital for your company and we know it. No matter the size, no matter the challenge, try with us as all our clients know they can rest assured their computer assets and information is safe in our capable hands.

Proyecto´s Team

Web Development & Website Development

posted by admin
Jueves, septiembre 24, 2009

Website Development
Website Development – Use the Proyecto’s Team for your website design needs and you´ll be calling on the best  professional web design company.  Proyectos Informaticos is a web page design company with years of experience designing and developing the best websites for companies like yours. Our portfolio speaks for us!

If you still don´t have a website, or you are considering an update, we can aid you with the best development and design team to get your website «up’n’running» in no time.

Our team has expertise in all the main areas involved in the website creation and update process. From simple standard HTML pages to complex dynamic database driven websites we have done it all. We work with languages as asp .net, php, Java, all kind of databases, etc. to accommodate your needs.

We also have bast experience in Flash design and programming, a technology wich remains unmatched in interface design and flexibility to the user.

Finally, we have vast experience in SEO (search engine optimization) and the ranking process. Please feel free to visit our SEO & Marketing section for further information.

posted by admin
Jueves, septiembre 24, 2009
Intro Page

Intro Page is a website for publishing short-term rental real estate in an unassisted way with a simple guided interface. The user publishes his property and pays for an extention of time for this advert to show. The user can also store unpubished adverts.  The client can contact the user and request information about availability and other issues.
This project was an excellent example of multidisciplinary efforts. You can see how a simple neat look in a 2.0 style was implemented with a powerfull search engine and a self-publishing platform.