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Wordpress, when first installed, comes with a very basic design, clean and concise, ideal for blogging and online publication. But you don’t wan’t the wordpress desing, as you need something more fit with your website needs. Personally, and mostly if this is your first attempt at website development in wordpress, you’d be better to choose from a place like Template Monster or something similar. In fact, this website is a modified version of a Template Monster template. This website designs are inexpensive and easy to add in your installation.

Many wordpress themes in Templamonster to choose

Many wordpress themes in Templatemonster to choose

Please consider your needs when choosing the design as adapting a design is not that simple. Consider that all the website intelignece has to be adapted to fit this design, so any change matters !. The idea is to remain as faithful as possible to the original chosen design, so to minimize changes later ! Template Monster and other wordpress template websites have thousands of options to choose from. If you think your website is going to need a contact section, verify that the design has a place for a contact section, if you are going to offer a service, choose a desgin that clearly is service oriented, not product oriented, etc. I think you get the point.

If you searched thoroughly, but did not find what you need, or have any questions, please mail me, maybe I can help you.

Now, suposing you found your design, let´s move on.

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Website Development with WordPress: Foreword

posted by admin
Miércoles, octubre 7, 2009

So, you’ve been thinking on how to get your products / services online, but you understand this is not an easy task. In fact, once you’ve conceived a starting website design, adapted the logo and other miscellaneous in your corporate image to a website design frame, you’ve decided to start coding your html pages. You know you will have a tough time with forms, as you want people to contact you, and if you want lot’s of pages explaining your products or services individually, you will have to redundantly copy your website heading, footer and common content in all this scheme. Maybe, if luky, you also know a little PHP, and you decide to include your header and footer pages as common content, and script them into other pages, so to somehow modularize your work. But you also need a balanced webpage as you wan’t it to rank. also, if your code is too complex, no one will be able to get content into the webpage but you. And to be properly indexed, robots, sitemaps, crawlers, multilanguage !!! this is a very big and complex task. But, on the other hand, I think something like WordPress can help you. In fact, all this website is made in a hacked version of wordpress.

Wordpress may be a website development solution !

Wordpress may be a website development solution !

You may not think of wordpress (yes, the Blog Tool grown to CMS ), or any other blogging tool by the way, as a good starting point to build up a website, but in fact, it is. Website development is a complex technique involving marketing, corporate image, technology and commercial intuition. Yes, it’s seriously multidisciplinary. Any help you or your company can get in this task is welcome, and wordpress is an excellent starting advantage to muster.

I’ve always believed in practical example, so, to illustrate my article, I will explain how this website was built from «head to toe» so to provide with all the insights this process will have. We’ve done this process several times for many of our clients, and all have been very succesfull. So if you are up to it, please follow me and let’s develop a website!

Ok, we will start by describing the main issues involved in this process:

  1. Choosing a website design
  2. Choosing a hosting service
  3. Installing WordPress
  4. Installing your chosen design theme
  5. Making wordpress Search Engine Friendly
  6. Adding Plugins You Will Need
  7. Planning your strategic sitemap
  8. Adding your first Entry
  9. Hacking WordPress Entry Pages
  10. Making a Contact Us Page
  11. Hacking WordPress Main Page
  12. Working on SEO
  13. Final Word

Ok, now, let’s get into more detail.

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